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Rita Parshukova

She was born in the town of Syktyvkar, in Russia. She completed the Arkhangelsk Medical Academy in 1985. Later, in 1989, she received her post-graduate degree in aesthetic surgery at Saint Petersburg Medical University and studied alternative medicine between 1987-1990.

The artist, who met painting art in her childhood, won her first prize in Russia in the painting competition organized by the USSR children’s magazine while she was in secondary school. During the years she lived in Saint Petersburg, she was especially interested in the works of contemporary and abstract artists, who were exhibited in the Hermitage and Russian museums, and she had conducted research on this subject.
Rita, who graduated from the Russian International Academy of Psychology, reflects her experience in the fields of psychology and medicine to her brush with the method of “treatment with art” that relieves mental and developmental disorders.

Rita tries to reflect not the picture of the visible, but the reality behind on her canvases. The associations in her paintings consist of strong rhythms that deeply affect us. Her works surround us in riot of colors and figure formations, instead of looking at what she says.
The sensitivity of the viewer increases as she looks at the works, she drags the viewer into thought and feeling, which are the product of positive instinct. Rita reflects the rising spirit and refined emotions on her canvases, creating inner or spiritual and intellectual works with her abstract works instead of classical realist descriptions.
The artist, who has participated in group exhibitions in Russia and Mersin with her works so far, after her successful exhibition in April 2012 in Chalabi Art Gallery in Nişantaşı, in January 2015, she held her second personal exhibition at İdil Gallery in Istanbul. She has also participated in many group exhibitions. Most recently, she made her solo exhibition in Vita Art Gallery in 2017 and 2018.

She was deemed secular in the field of Psychology to the 2019 Gusi Peace Prize which is a special award given by the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation located in Manila, Philippines.